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Tranquil Waters Wellness Club - Floatation Therapy

An oasis of tranquility, unplug, let go & relax with our Tranquil Waters Wellness Club.

Tame tension, nerves, and related mood swerves with a monthly mellowing mix of floatation therapy, salt therapy, and free float upgrades. Discover tranquility and calm and let our float tanks take you away into deep meditation and healing with effortless float sessions each month. Stay collected and connected to nature’s most powerful healing elements - salt and water - to experience tranquility and calm all year long.

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Experience the Cumulative Benefits of Floating & Dive Deeper Into Your Wellness Practice.

Membership Perks:

• 1 - 60 minute Float Per Month • Unlock Access to Unlimited Salt Room • 1 Free Rest Station a month • FREE Birthday Float • 10% off store products (lots of wellness goodies including: hemp honey, cooking salt, lucky girl, lotions sugar scrub, lip balms, excluding Doterra)

• Free Float Upgrades (upgrade your 60 minute float to 90 minute float!) • VIP Invites to special member events • Access to special offers with our wellness partners • Free T-shirt • Swag Bag loaded with goodies • $19.99 First Month, $49 each month after (3 month min).

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Boost the Bliss with FREE Upgrades

• Free Massage Upgrades (FREE aromatherapy, hot-stone, deep tissue) • Free Float Upgrades (Upgrade your 60 minute float to 90 minute float!)

Get a Free Yoga Class when you sign up for our membership package. Limited time offer. While supplies last.

Salt Therapy

Unlock access to the purest air in town, unlimited sessions in our Salt Cave. AKA Halotherapy is a subtle yet powerful natural treatment that simulates a natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions. This is no health fad – from the ancient Greeks to modern-day doctors, medical experts have championed its amazing effects. Sinus clearing, breath enhancing, head clearing, sinus soothing, meditation inducing, bliss boosting, cold busting - we could go on but you get the point - it’s simply Ahhhhhh- mazing!

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Floatation Therapy

Floating effortlessly in 1,000 lbs. of healing Epsom salts relieves stress, enhances and boosts athletic performance, and improves sleep. Offering a natural and scientifically researched alternative therapy, floating accelerates relaxation and healing, a retreat to a sacred space just for you to rejuvenate, restore, and renew. A consistent floating practice has been shown to: • Improve Mood & Enhance Other Wellness Practices • Aid in more Restful & Recuperative Sleep • Lower Cortisol Levels • Ease Everyday Aches, Pain, Stress, & Anxiety • Lower Blood Pressure

Unlock Access to Discounts at Some of the Trendiest Wellness Modalities & Hot Spots In Town & Get Special In Store Perks

Wellness Partners:

• 20% Off at Coastal Coffee • 10% Off Ocean City Organics • 10% Off Zenna Wellness Yoga Studio • 10% Off Paws & Claws • 15% Off The Dough Roller • 20% off at Burley Oak Microbrewery Membership Terms: Some Restrictions Apply - 3 Month Minimum, Auto renewal, No Cash Value, Can’t be combined with any other offer. $19.99 First Month , $49 each Month After