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The Float Tank Cure


If you are like most people these days you are overscheduled, and always connected.  We have so many demands on our time.  With our devices we are connected 24/7.  This can be very convenient and exciting to always be on the go.  But, it can lead to a high level of stress.  A good amount of stress in our lives drives us to work harder, strive longer, and feel more motivated to succeed.  On the other hand, distress, is when we become overwhelmed and feel like you can’t cope.  This leads to worry, anxiety, poor performance, and other physical and mental problems. 

   The negative impact of stress has been shown to worsen and raise your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems.   Today’s world offers countless conveniences, but sometimes all they seem to do is create more distractions, more stress and less time to focus on what really matters.  Your smartphone probably has your work, social, and family lives all coming at you at once through different forms of communication like emails, texts, tweets, posts and phone calls. We are in Intake overload.

     Floating is the opposite of intake overload.  In fact it’s almost total elimination of intake.  We take in sensory information through sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.  Floating was created with the hopes of eliminating all that input, and it has come close.  Floating has reduced sensory input more than any other environment.  Sight has been eliminated with the use of a pitch black tank (you can keep a light on if you want). Sound has been reduced so much you can barely hear your heartbeat.  Gravity has been nearly eliminated with the high concentration of salt water that allows your body to float on the water’s surface.  Allowing the sense of touch to take a break.  Smell has been eliminated because of the controlled closed tank.  In a world where we are overrun with sources of intake that stress our minds and bodies, floating is the technology that will balance our state of overload.

    If you are ready to reduce the stress in your life come over to Ocean Elements Salt Spa and Float Center. Content from “The Float Tank Cure – Shane Stott”