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Salt Therapy


Have you heard friends raving about salt therapy, recently? Salt therapy may be a relatively new craze here in America, but salt caves have actually existed, naturally, for thousands of years, and people have been enjoying their many therapeutic benefits for nearly as long. Fortunately, residents in the Ocean City and Berlin areas no longer have to travel to faraway lands to enjoy the holistic benefits of salt cave therapy. Instead, simply schedule an appointment with the Ocean Elements Salt Spa and Float Center, to experience, firsthand, all that this unique therapy can do for you!  

Salt Therapy Is a Non-invasive Way to Address Many Issues Few holistic approaches to health can address as many issues at once as salt therapy can. That’s because the simulated salt cave uses special salt, circulated in the air, to help patients cope with seasonal allergies, respiratory problems, skin conditions, and stress, thanks to the anti-microbial properties of the salt that is used. Perhaps best of all, salt therapy is non-invasive and can therefore provide a wonderful alternative to some other treatments, though you should, of course, never stop taking any medication without first consulting you doctor.

Enjoy the Many, Varied Benefits of This Holistic Treatment If you are struggling with health conditions, like poor breathing or severe allergies, chronic stress or even acne or eczema, salt therapy could potentially be a wonderful solution for you. And since salt therapy is minimally invasive and holistic in nature, many people find it to be a safe and effective alternative to many more invasive treatment options. Could You Benefit from SALT THERAPY? Ocean Elements Salt Spa and Float Center can help you manage stress and other concerns, through a holistic approach to wellness. To see how it could help you, call us today to schedule an appointment at 410-463-0857.