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Let’s Talk Health Benefits


    It has been a wonderful experience learning about the many benefits of floating over the last year.  I want to use this blog to go deeper into each of the areas of benefit.  It is exciting to provide this service to the local community so that more people can see these benefits in their lives as they take their own personal journey.

Who would have thought that floating in a foot of water that is super-saturated with Epsom salts, would have so many health benefits for the mind and body?  Let’s start with how it works.  The high concentration of salt pushes the body to the top of the water.  Have you ever floated in a swimming pool or in the ocean?  It is very similar to that.  In the ocean or pool you have to do some level of work to keep yourself from sinking down or getting covered by a wave.  But, in floating you can completely let go.  It is a weird feeling for the first 10 or 15 minutes.  I kept telling myself that I am really floating on this water.  I kept the lights on and the music playing.  After a few minutes, my muscles realized that they did not have to do anything but relax.  All of a sudden I felt that dream state, the one right before I fall asleep, descend upon me.  From that point on my mind wanders, but in that wonderful dream state.  I think I fall asleep for a few minutes, but then if I do, I wake up again and enjoy that wonderful feeling again.  In fact I feel even more relaxed now.  Now the feeling of relaxation is like the feeling on a Sunday morning when I can sleep a little longer and relish in that feeling after a hard week of work. 

In future blogs, I will go deeper into each of the benefits.  I’d like to get your feedback about which of the benefits would be most interesting to you and then I’ll focus on the ones that seem most interesting to the community.  I look forward to the dialogue and we can all learn about the benefits of floating together as we feel the benefits to our body and mind.