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Our Story


Our story started when Jeanne and I went to Williamsburg last October for our 21st wedding anniversary.  We were looking for something unique to do for the weekend, so we got some of the rack cards from the hotel lobby and saw this unique concept called Floatation Therapy.  Intrigued, we said, “let’s give it a try”. 

We both were a little nervous, but excited, about this new experience.  The water was comforting and warm.  It was a really amazing the feeling to effortlessly float to the top of the water.  It took about 10 minutes to realize that the muscles in my body did not need to actually do anything to keep me afloat.  The soothing music was calming, and keeping the light on for the first float experience felt right.  Since, there is no clock in the room, you have no concept of time, but after about what felt like 20 or 30 minutes, my body felt as light as a cloud, and any tension I had was gone.  I was at that place that feels so great when I’m just about to go to sleep, but just enough awake to be fully conscious.  Then a recorded voice announced that my float was over.  All I could think about was “that was not an hour?” 

When I saw Jeanne after the float she also had an amazing experience.  So, on the three (3) hour drive home, we researched the industry, and realized that there was no one in the DelMarVa area that offered such a service to their community.  So, we did some more research and found a manufacturer of these float pods, Superior Float Tanks, based on Norfolk Virginia.  We spent a day there with the team James and Matt.  They helped us understand what it would take to start the Float Center. 

So, things really fell into place. Serenity Salon had a room become available so we could explore if Floating would be a viable operation in the Ocean Pines, Ocean City, Berlin area.  We have really been so blessed by having over 500 people float at this first location.  Also, we have really enjoyed sharing information about floating on our Facebook page and have 877 LIKES as of Labor Day.  We could not have made it so far without Julie Redden.  Julie is an Ocean City local and is passionate about floating and knows everyone in town.  We are so happy that she is on our team. 

Jeanne has been a Registered Nurse for over 27 years, and was so excited at the prospect of bringing the health benefits of floating to so many of our customers, in May she left her traditional Nursing job so she could focus on building the Ocean Elements business, use her nursing knowledge and experience in an alternative way in an effort to enable more people to experience the many benefits of floating.  She loves to see the “glow” that is often evident after one of our customers has floated for the first time. 

We will be moving to a new location soon in West Ocean City that will have one additional pod and a float room.  We will also have a Salt Room and a RestStationTM.  We will give you more information about them in future blogs.  For now, we want to thank everyone that has floated with us so far and welcome anyone new to try it out.  Stay tuned for future blogs as we build our community and provide a healthy oasis for our customers.