Benefits of the Float Experience


    So what are the benefits of this experience?  The most obvious benefit is that of pain relief.  For people with chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia, migraine, back problems, it can bring immediate relief.  One of our patients recently said their back pain when down from a 7 to a 3.  For athletes, a float will reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery.  Several professional athletes float to recover quickly and use the tank to visualize performing at their peak level.   That transfers to the benefits of floating to the mind.  Now that your body does not cause you any pain, your nervous system is getting a break.  The mind can really take some time for itself.   The human brain is one of the wonders of the universe.  When you are floating it has time to connect the conscious thoughts with the unconscious.  What this means is that in your daily thoughts, the little voice in your head that can think of one thing at a time, now become deeply imbedded into your daily actions without you thinking about it.  So, if you have a goal, to lose weight, become a better athlete, improve your business, improve your relationships or learn rapidly, your subconscious mind can process this desire and help you achieve the goal without as much worry and stress. 

One of the key benefits of floating is its long term impact on anxiety and stress relief.  In his research at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Dr. Justin Feinstein has been working to prove the link between floating on a regular basis and the reduction of anxiety and symptoms of depression.  This is exciting research that has produced very positive results.  Ocean Elements is proud to be included as one of the research centers that will be part of the ongoing study of these impacts. 

If you float on a regular basis you get an accumulation effect.  An accumulation effect means that you are training your body to go into the relaxed state quicker and the benefits you desire from each float last longer. 

In future blogs, I will go deeper into each of the benefits.  I’d like to get your feedback about which of the benefits would be most interesting to you and then I’ll focus on the ones that seem most interesting to the community.  I look forward to the dialogue and we can all learn about the benefits of floating together as we feel the benefits to our body and mind.