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Accumulation Effect of Floating

The wonderful thing about floating is that the experience seems to get better for me every time I float. The first time I floated the sensation of the float was unique. It took a while for me to relax and feel comfortable that the salt water was keeping me from having to use any effort to move. I was relaxed but kept thinking about whether I was letting go. Every time I realized I was letting go I would get tense and need to start again. I have now floated over 30 times. Each time I float I am able to get deeper into relaxation than the time before. When I do let go I can really reach a sense of tranquility and peace that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. The body temperature water makes my arms and legs feel like they are just light feathers. The longer I am in the float tank the more my body feels like it is being joined with the water. As the time goes by in the float I am able to reach areas of my mind that are usually not available with the daily chatter of activity.

        As I float longer a feeling of peace and joy comes over me. I just enjoy the fact that I am alive and feel an inner peace that no matter what I am in control of my emotions and thoughts. This feeling of connectivity, peace, and love seems to last longer after each float and changes my approach to every activity in my life.

        At Ocean Elements we are excited to be able to offer this experience of inner peace and joy to our customers. It is so satisfying to see someone come out of the tank with the “post-float glow”. We want you to experience that accumulated effect of floating. We have several multi-pack and membership offerings that reduce the per float cost to enable you to float on a regular basis. You go to the gym to exercise your body. Why not float on a regular basis to exercise your mind and find your inner peace?